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Our services

All our home carers are trained to provide essential care services, whatever your individual needs. These services include help getting up in the morning/going to bed at night, washing, dressing, toileting and bed-making.  Carers are also able to assist with the taking of medicine prescribed by your doctor, though this is subject to certain restrictions which will be explained to you.

Certain light domestic chores including vacuum cleaning, dusting and general cleaning, washing up and personal laundry are also serviceswe can offer.  Subject to certain restrictions it may also be possible for carers to assist with light gardening duties.

Meal preparation is another key part of the care we offer. We can help make any meal throughout the day as well as any additional refreshments.  If requested, carers will sit with you while you eat your meals as part of our aim to deliver a friendly service and companionship to our clients.

In addition to the domestic tasks our carers can provide it is also possible for more personal duties to be undertaken. These might include doing shopping for you, collecting your pension (only with specific permission) and assisting with matters such as birthdays and anniversaries.

We also offer a Night Care Service for overnight needs.  This is separated into three bands of care:

  • Awake
    For those who require constant attention. A carer will be awake and ready to help throughout the night.
  • Sitting
    For those who require intermittent attention. A carer will remain with them but sleep intermittently.
  • Sleeping
    For those who simply do not wish to be alone at night; a bed should be provided as the carer will expect to sleep.

As you can see our expertise is extensive and the positive feedback we’ve received from our clients speaks for itself. We are able to take on contracts for short or long-term home care and can be there as long as you need.  We look forward hearing from you and providing you with a service tailored to your individual needs.

The HomeLife Carers Team

We can only offer this wide range of care because of the strength of the HomeLife Carers team. By picking the most dedicated people to begin with and giving them continuous training through our partnership with Babcock International we can guarantee our care will fulfil your needs. We are very proud of our staff and their ability to provide a professional and friendly service that never disappoints. We are always on the lookout for people who would like to join our team as we often have job vacancies. Any potential carers should check our careers page.