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Quality commitment

The aim of HomeLife Carers is to provide quality and professional home nursing care that is tailored to the needs of individuals. Our carers pride themselves on their ability to maintain and enhance the dignity and independence of our clients. We have been successful in fulfilling our aims since 2007, as you can see from our positive feedback. This has allowed HomeLife Carers to evolve, improving the services we offer and expanding the areas which we cover.

Our success has only been achieved by recruiting the right people and investing in training schemes which ensure that our staff are able to deliver the highest quality of care. All new carers are required to take an induction course before they begin supervised work within the community and eventually on their own. A programme of training is available to all of our carers and within six months of starting work for us every carer is encouraged to enrol in a Diploma programme through our partnership with Babcock International.

Of course, where specific skills are required only carers who have the necessary qualifications are assigned to accommodate those needs.

Customer feedback is incredibly important to us as it helps us improve the quality of the service we offer. We always listen to feedback and use it to create specific training programmes and improve any areas where our clients think we could do better. We use a Quality Assurance Plan to facilitate the gathering of feedback. This can involve filling in a survey, participating in a phone interview, meeting a member of our team or a care manager.

HomeLife Carers is  regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and in June 2012 our Tiverton branch received a glowing report following an unannounced inspection. Prior to that in 2009 the same branch received the CQC’s highest rating – 3 stars  for “excellent” service.

The CQC visited the branch, interviewing members of staff and visiting the homes of those receiving care; talking to them and their families. In addition to this 14 people were interviewed over the phone. The results were unanimous and all the people spoken to responded in a positive way with comments including “Brilliant!” and “I cannot speak highly enough of the girls”.

The report highlighted the quality of care we provide and how we are fulfilling all the CQC’s standards as well as meeting our own goals. Everyone interviewed for the inspection said the same thing -  that their dignity and independence were respected and that they felt safe. They also confirmed how easily any issues were resolved by ringing the office. “Any worries – sorted without fuss” said one interviewee.

Our dedication to keep improving the service we offer doesn’t stop with one good report, and we are always trying to refine the quality of care we deliver.

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